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The Trading Tools Of Where To Invest

Dove Investire provides the best Trading Tools to help you make the best decisions. A set of tools to help you trade successfully. Ebooks and Professional Trading Indicators, indispensable tools for making your trading decisions.

If you too are looking for the best strategies and techniques to invest in the markets, our professional trading ebooks and indicators will be able to give you the help you are looking for.

Choose the product that best suits your needs, from today you can receive it at a discounted price, Try them and you will be satisfied!

EBook Trading for Everyone


– Title: Trading for All

– Author: Where to Invest

– Format: 218 pages PDF eBook

– Availability: Immediate

Content: Finally a guide that will allow you to understand in a simple way the functioning and behavior of the financial markets. The ebook “Trading for All” is dedicated to all people who try, but fail, to achieve success in the world of trading. In the more than 200 pages there is a guide to technical and fundamental analysis, oscillators, moving averages, Japanese candlesticks, money management, as well as the best solutions to avoid making the usual mistakes and make the most of all trading opportunities. The eBook contains numerous strategies to put into practice right away and a series of theoretical and operational lessons used by experienced traders.

Buy And Sell Indicator v.2.0


– Title: Buy and Sell Indicator v.2.0 + manual

– Author: Where to Invest

– Format: PDF guide + indicator for MetaTrader 4

– Availability: Immediate

Content: Buy and Sell Indicator v.2.0 is an indicator designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform. Its goal is to analyze the markets in real time by providing buy and sell signals on the main financial assets. The indicator has been designed to trade on stocks, commodities, indices, currencies and cryptocurrencies. With the purchase of the indicator is included the guide that explains its installation and use.

Ultimate PRO Indicator


– Title: Ultimate PRO Indicator + manual

– Author: Where to Invest

– Format: pdf + MetaTrader 4 indicator

– Availability: Immediate

Content: Ultimate PRO Indicator is a software designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform and has as its main objective to signal the right moment of the beginning or the end of a trend. The indicator is optimized to work on currencies, stocks, commodities, stock indices, stocks and cryptocurrencies. Recommended Time-Frame 30 minutes, but offers excellent results even with longer time-frames.

Intelligent Option Indicator


– Title: Intelligent Option Indicator + manual

– Author: Where to Invest

– Format: pdf + MetaTrader 4 indicator

– Availability: Immediate

Content: Intelligent Option Indicator is a system composed of a base of 14 indicators that work simultaneously and able to indicate the best moments in which to trade. All extremely simple and explained in detail in the examples in the accompanying manual. The indicator is optimized to work with short-term time-frames, even if in the real market it has been able to obtain excellent results with time-frames up to 1 day.

Forex Scalping Indicator


– Title: Forex Scalping Indicator + manual

– Author: Where to Invest

– Format: pdf + MetaTrader 4 indicator

– Availability: Immediate

Content: The Forex Scalping Indicator is an indicator designed for the MT 4 platform with the task of identifying every slightest price movement by generating high quality trading signals. The indicator is optimized to work on currencies, commodities, stock indices, stocks and cryptocurrencies. Recommended Time-Frame 5 – 15 minutes.

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Parenting: A Phase In The Life Of Every Individual

Parenting: A Phase In The Life Of Every Individual

Parenting is one of the most popular facts talked about by numerous people all over the world. Parents are responsible for nurturing a child in a very determined manner and guiding them to lead a prosperous life compact convertible car seat. It has become a mysterious concept in which parents find successful ways to make their children learn values, morals, manners, behaviour for a bright future in their child. A democratic system of parenting is perfect since one can compromise with their child and still have a basic set of rules they want them to follow without them feeling targeted.

The truth about parenting: older kids are much more rewarding than babies -  Vox

Good Parenting Traits:

  • Flexibility: Parents should be open-minded and easy-going. They should resolve the disagreements in a very smooth manner and should also know that shouting never solves a problem. It creates worries and burdens and introduces unwanted anxiety in their child baby journey review. The parents should find the balance between accommodating and dominating so that their child rewards them back with much greater respect.
  • Structure, Limits, and Boundaries: A healthy structure includes the one in which the child is consistent with the schedules and routines. A healthy limit includes restraining the child from getting into something causing mental destruction and stress. A healthy boundary includes giving the child the necessary freedom but limiting them from exceeding their age groups. Teaching a kid to honour and respect the physical space between people is also important.
  • Encouraging: To help a child grow with confidence, it becomes a necessary task to encourage and support them so that they develop their self-esteem and do not get demotivated through others’ opinions, especially among their peers.
  • Ability to express love: As the child grows, a family should be surrounded by love to grow in a healthy and happy environment. The act of loving and showing gratitude to a child should always be prioritized. Love is the most important skill of all since it cannot be learned or modified.

Communication between a child and the parent is also a key factor. A parent should also be patient and inherit a healthy sense of humour. They should be able to provide their children with the necessary leadership skills and intelligence to solve problem-solving. Multi-tasking is a necessary trait to be maintained by a parent to handle all the household works, office works, and raising a child simultaneously. They should also provide academic support to their child to help them excel in their life.

When did parenting a baby become so competitive?

Parenting in today’s world:

It almost seems an impossible task in this age of phones, tablets, and social media. Even parents use technology to connect with the child. The use of technology in a correct way can also lead to good parenting qualities in which even sharing any funny meme over the dinner table also works. Reading a book together online can also be effective in parenting these days.

Hence, it becomes necessary for the parents to regenerate themselves to learn the art of successful. Spending valuable time and being friendly with the child always helps to have a special bond between the child and the parent.

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Cara Memahami Peluang Taruhan Sportsbook


Memahami cara membaca peluang taruhan sangatlah penting untuk mendapatkan hasil maksimal dari taruhan yang Anda pasang. Tak hanya penting untuk mengetahui apa yang dijalankan dari sistem taruhan Sportsbook, hal ini juga bermanfaat untuk membuat Anda sadar berapa banyak yang diharapkan dari kemenangan sehingga dapat mengelola uang Anda dengan lebih baik. 

Beberapa format peluang taruhan (odd) yang paling umum ditampilkan dalam situs Sportsbook  96ace indonesia berupa pecahan dan desimal. Masing-masing odd tersebut menawarkan format yang berbeda tetapi memberikan informasi yang sama kepada petaruh olahraga. Dengan memiliki pengetahuan, Anda tidak hanya dapat memahaminya tetapi juga memanfaatkan dan memodifikasinya untuk keuntungan diri Anda sendiri.

Berikut ini, kami akan membagikan tips dan panduan umum yang bisa Anda lakukan agar dapat memahami peluang dalam taruhan Sportsbook. Untuk mengetahui informasi ini selengkapnya, yuk kita simak artikel berikut ini! 

Seberapa Penting Peluang Dalam Sportsbook?

Peluang memberikan gambaran penting saat Anda memasang taruhan. Tanpa peluang, tidak akan ada taruhan olahraga. Dari titik penyebaran ke total ke garis uang, semua jenis peluang dapat ditempatkan pada permainan dan masa depan untuk dipertaruhkan. Peluang membantu menyamakan kedudukan. 

Contohnya seperti saat Anda memilih opsi A untuk mengalahkan opsi B secara langsung di kategori taruhan sepak bola, di mana masing-masing opsi memiliki peluangnya sama. Tetapi Anda mungkin berubah pikiran tentang sisi mana yang menawarkan nilai paling banyak berdasarkan peluang. 

Taruhan penyebaran poin mengalokasikan poin ke tim yang tidak diunggulkan dengan imbalan lebih banyak peluang genap. Peluang Moneyline menawarkan kesempatan untuk bertaruh tanpa spread Anda akan menang lebih sedikit pada favorit tetapi menang lebih banyak pada tim yang tidak diunggulkan jika pihak Anda berhasil.

Perbandingan Odds Taruhan Olahraga

Memahami cara membaca peluang taruhan dimulai dengan mengetahui berbagai format yang digunakan Sportsbook untuk menampilkan garis taruhan. Beberapa jenis peluang yang paling sering ditampilkan, Pecahan, dan Desimal. 

Dari peluang taruhan olahraga, ini pada dasarnya adalah metode berbeda untuk memberikan informasi yang sama kepada petaruh. Sportsbooks menampilkan peluang taruhan dalam format ini, pecahan atau desimal tergantung pada lokasinya.

Odd Amerika, sering disebut sebagai peluang atau peluang garis uang, adalah garis yang paling umum digunakan di Amerika Serikat dan Kanada. Odd mereka menunjukkan seberapa besar taruhan 100 didasarkan dan termasuk nilai plus atau minus. Petaruh tidak perlu bertaruh 100, ini adalah angka bulat yang digunakan pembuat peluang untuk kesederhanaan 

Jika Anda bertaruh 100 di opsi A dan mereka menang, maka Anda akan mendapat untung 115. Sebaliknya, jika opsi B memiliki tanda minus karena garis favorit ini menunjukkan berapa banyak Anda harus bertaruh untuk menang 100. Dalam hal ini, 125 kemenangan taruhan akan memberi anda keuntungan 100. Faktanya, di lapangan bermain, bertaruh pada tim yang tidak diunggulkan lebih berharga karena peluang mereka untuk menang sedikit lebih kecil.

Melalui artikel ini, diharapkan Anda dapat memahami odd dalam taruhan Sportsbook karena hal ini tentu saja akan memudahkan Anda saat mengambil keputusan dan nantinya akan mempengaruhi hasil akhir dari taruhan yang Anda pasang. Oleh karena itu, pastikan Anda memahami peluang secara lengkap sebelum memasang taruhan Sportsbook dan pastikan Anda memasang taruhan melalui situs judi online yang terpercaya di Indonesia. Selamat bertaruh! 


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Mastering The Psychology Of Trading

Trading can become emotionally difficult, especially when prices are moving fast and you are witnessing your profit or loss fluctuate. The emotional consequences can lead him to perform an impulsive operation, where logic and rationality are overcome by the emotional part. Due to this, it is very supportive to generate a trading plan to stay focused on a strategy when we perform each operation.

Next, we will discuss the typical emotions when trading and how to overcome them:


Every trader is waiting for his operations to be winning and that his analysis of the market was correct. But expectation can lead to confusion, even more so if prices start to turn against you. Be aware of this and stick with your strategy. When prices start to move in a direction opposite to what you are targeting in your trade, you should close the position at the best possible price.


Feeling fear when opening a position is a fairly common feeling, especially in beginners. Most of the fear associated with trading results from taking a loss. You need to accept that losses are common when it comes to trading and you should not let fear get in the way of taking a solid opportunity. If you are still fearful towards trading, then perhaps you should look for longer periods of time.


This is perhaps the worst emotion for some traders. Greed can make you chase the market, generate losses, over-trade and most damagingly, convince you to put your strategy aside. Create a trading plan and stick to it. Some traders believe that the best way to follow your own rules is to write them down – that way, you have a visual reminder every time you open a position.


The best way to protect yourself from emotions that have a negative impact on your decisions is to treat trading like a business. You need to create a detailed trading plan and strategy behind each position you take and follow the rules of your plan. Even the best traders suffer losses. It is part of being a trader. The most important thing when you suffer a loss is to learn from it, not repeat the same mistakes, and move on to the next potential opportunity.